Who is behind Arevenca? Help me find out.

I recognise Francisco Javier González and Glenbert Croes. Who else is in this picture? Any information will be helpful.

arevenca directors with avic xac or something

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UPDATING: Thanks to Otto, the Devil, Boz, and my sister for pointing out the name tags on the table and/or the names in the video. The problem is that Abraham Reek and Martino Schiera, for example, have so little Internet paper trail that I am unsure if they are using their real names. I’m hoping that people who know these folks will come forward.

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  1. Juan Gonzalez

    If you go by the names in the table, you can easily make out Abraham Reek or Peek.

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Thanks, good catch. There are a few names there — Abraham Reek and Martino Schiera, for example. But they may be fake names. We shall see.

  2. moctavio

    Then the one on the right hand side is Tan Ka, Abraham Reek must be the one on his right, guy on the left his first name is Wang,

  3. Dr. Faustus

    The only guy there ‘without’ his hands over his genitals,….was probably just hired by the company;)


    el que se encuentra de tercero a la derecha del big estafa digo francisco gonzalez es octavio alicandro supuesto jefe o gerente de comercializacion de la asociacon de rateros estafadores y vulgares negociadores de crudo y afines A.R.E.V.E.N.C.A

      1. don

        Octavio rafael alicandro Briceno stands next to clembert crus from aruba he is short he has a black suit on, the fourth man on your left,he also has a very bad reputation in venezuela ,aruba,curacao search his name in venezuela and you will see Believe me.

  5. .5mt

    I never get water in meetings, much less nice sketch books and pens. More evidence I chose the wrong career path, I do so like a new sketch book.

    1. paula

      Rear Admiral Francisco Javier GONZÁLEZ-HUIX FERNÁNDEZ

      200791 – AREVENCA SL.
      Appointments. Guardian: CESAR AND MARCOS DAVID, RUBEN RUIZ WOLF; CLUB OF LUCENA JOSE Athanasius. Data
      registration. T 29134, F 48, S 8, MH 524538, I / A 2 (4/26/12)

      Dino Bouterse
      Glenbert Croes
      Francisco Javier Gonzalez
      Gouxing Wang
      Martino Schiera
      Abraham Reek
      Rebram Camurati
      Octavio Rafael Alicandro Briceño

      1. sapitosetty Post author

        Wow. Thanks, Paula. I think this just became the comment I’ll use to teach other reporters why they need a blog.

        Just to be clear, that’s a different Francisco Javier Gonzalez. The one at Arevenca is in lots of photos and such — he’s the short, round-faced, white-haired one in the center-right of the photo.

  6. Yucuri

    Abraham Reek seems to be connected to a Dutch company Rebram General Trading. They deal in cement, sunflower oil and frozen fish – among other things. See rebram.com

  7. Yucuri

    Dino Bouterse is not in this picture. If I am correct he cannot travel into Europe without being arrested… In the Netherlands his father has been convicted in absentia for drug offenses (yes, the president of Surinam).

    1. don

      Arevenca refinery is moving to Suriname Now that they have a bad reputation in Aruba now to Suriname I do not understand how this organization is still doing what they want they pretend they are a refinery

  8. Yucuri

    More thoughts….about coincidences ?
    The company OVARB spelled backwards is “bravo”, happy, proud or good are definitions when used in spanish.
    MADASI oil is owned by MArcos DA SIlva …
    The (fictitious) refinery port mentioned on the Arevenca website has the same name as Francisco Javier Gonzalez…
    One of the men at the “signing” in Madrid was Abraham “Bram” Reek of ReBram General Trading…
    The official Avic website mentions nothing of a major oil deal, nor does the site of SImIndustries (Netherlands) mention anything about a deal with FlyAruba … and the lessor of their repo-ed aircraft makes no mention of FlyAruba.
    Glembert Croes has a funny history with a Florida contractor who happened to refurbish the Aruba airport when he was minister…
    The Bouterse connection cannot be squeaky-clean, can it ?
    But…what is the BIG PLAN ?

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Yucuri – thanks for the comments. Here are a few answers.

      Bravo is the second last name of the real, if well hidden, owner of Ovarb. As Paula points out, Cautilli is married to Alexandra Rincon. Her full last name is Alexandra Rincon Bravo, as you can see in the Venezuelan government contractor registry. The Rincon family is involved in several very successful front companies with large PDVSA contracts.

      Madasi, yes, it’s basically Da Silva’s game, though Miguel Lausell has been invaluable at building credibility.

      The port is just funny.

      Bram Reek: you and Paula are good. Thank you. I hadn’t searched for him under “Bram.”

      Avic had no involvement in that deal. I am almost certain that Martino Schiera has no connection with Avic. The whole press conference was fake. I suspect everyone there was in on the joke, and using it to boost credibility with potential marks.

      As far as Croes and Bouterse, I’m not going to comment other than to say that they have full right of reply, and that they are clearly public people so I’m going to allow the anonymous comments to stand.

  9. Yucuri

    Mr. Croes and the man on his right also show up in pictures related to Suriname. Mr. Croes has a company on Aruba called Aroil Trading partners. He states he is on the board of Suroil, Surmetal and Subax (I guess all related to Surinamese oil/metals trading & production).
    The “real” Suroil Inc. in Florida specifically distance themselves from the Suroil on Aruba. I can find no other websites related to Suroil, Surmetal or Subax.
    What does the Spanish news agency EFE say about their coverage of this huge oil deal press conference ?

  10. john Crudin

    we left AREVENCA contract after finding out they did not really exist and now we have came across an apparently new scammer linked to AREVENCA according to the usefull comments on your site under the name of MADASI OIL I can confirm arevenca was a fraud with no business evidence, the building of the port the same and the building of the refinery to the Costa de Marfil the same type of fraud Thanks for your good job

    1. Pieter

      How sure are you that Madasi Oil is a scam company? In their company profile they mention that they have acces to supplies of Shell. Wouldn’t it be the easiest way to verify this and set things clear by asking it to Shell directly? I’m almost certain they will clarify this issue because their name/company logo is used by Madasi Oil.

  11. Bichito

    FJG Scams starts in 1999 when I meet him, long stories and super projects around him, so stay far as you can and never pay attention to Millionaire contracts or job proposals , I have a large list of victims

  12. magno nakao

    I am currently dealing with a group of mr. martino schiera about petroleum, specifically, JP54 or aviation kerosine.
    any comments or the reality of the offers of mr. martino schiera?

    1. Antonio

      in 2007-2008 I met in Modena Professor Martin house, which boasting high connections with the Chinese government had promised to make us open a company whose purpose was to import from China aluminum ingots.
      We paid, I and my partner, 50,000 Euros and then the professor has disappeared wasting its tracks.
      If you have phone numbers or contact information for Martin Terraced please comunicarmeli.
      Martino Array = Real scammer

  13. don

    identification number:8679541 passport number 027777440
    Arevenca. Octavio rafael alicandro briceno: Born: Venezuela ,search it and you’ll see
    we know him very well here in venezuela

  14. Flavio A. Amoroso

    Martino Schiera does exist: he is an Italian citizen residing in China (Beijing) and he has been involved in numerous scams pretending to be appointed by the Chinese Investment Corporation (C.I.C.). He claims to have personal contact at the highest level in the Communist Party of China

    1. g.demartina

      …but are you sure that he is involved in scams ??? because i’m sure he is involved in projetc as arevenca and italbrokers of lazzarini Genova. i’m sure that his sister work in pechino too.

  15. Flavio A. Amoroso

    Martino Schiera’s father in law is General Guo Boxiong Vice Chairman of Central Military Commission

  16. aldo

    Carrion & Leseur International Inc. owner Mr. Rignald Leseur ,claims that he has contact with Russian refineries which is not true Do not do business with this company is a scam,This company mr.Rignald leseur does business with the big scam Arevenca refinery where you absolutely must stay away from,

    He also claims that he is an accountant which is also not true he just has an office that regulates papers for people , He is known as a big crook,if you do a deep research on this gentleman then you’ll see for yourself,
    Address : World Trade Center Curacao Unit TM11-33 Piscadera Bay Curacao … Contact Person : Rignald Leseur

  17. aldo

    company Carrion & Leseur International Inc his full name is rignald gregorius leseur from antillean nederland

  18. aldo

    This time not from Africa ( Nigeria ) but from Eastern Europe ( Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova ) a mix of scam persons. They try to sell oil and coal from not existing sources by prepayment and then will disappear and you will loose your money. They pretent to have oil from Arevenca refinery which is a scam refinery themselves as they have no oil nor other sources and no refinery. They sign contracts in word or pdf over the internet in the hope that somebody is stupid enough to pay them some prepayment money. A typical Nigerian / African Scam method. Don’t do any business with this persons involved like Mr. Zbigniew Czarnecki from Poland or Mr. Stanislav Malyi from Ukraine and deffinately no business with YT Coal and Fuel Limited. Hope I have saved you lots of problems with this warning.

  19. aldo

    Also stay away from Visatel Group Inc Sales Agent Miguel Gozalbo cooperating with Arevenca refinery octavio alicandro is also in between it is a big scam,

  20. elbert

    mr reek is claiming he has been responsible for a contract between arevenca and avic aviation avic xac group and his partner is martino schiera but if i understand it well it is al a big SCAM is this correct o would very much appreciate rcvg comments if poss to my e mail address
    elbert7@xs4all.nl many thanks….

  21. max

    Dear sirs , i met Martino Schiera in Bejing last 2 years, we have signed a contract with building and no more news since 2011… have you mode to contact him….

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