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Venezuela broken record, electricity edition

I know you guys love this stuff, so I’ll post it even though it’s pretty much fish in a barrel.

El Universal today:

Electricity system will have an additionsl 4,000 megawatts in 2012

Caracas.- The departing minister of Popular Power for Electrical Energy, Alí Rodríguez Araque, indicated that during 2012, 4,000 megawatts will be added to the national electrical system, which will be generated with new and rehabilitated equipment.

Which reminds me, for some reason, of this article, from May 24, 2011: Continue reading

Get rich quick!*

* by “rich” I mean “scammed and turned into a laughingstock”

In which a faithful correspondent with a Malaysia Hotmail account invites me to earn millions of dollars marketing crude oil. Continue reading

What I’m up to: Tuerto

Have you wondered why my pace of posting has been very slow for a while? Along with paid work, I have a new project: Tuerto magazine. Check it out. And come write for us. Seriously. We want stories about South America. It’s going to rock.

I’ll still post the most energy-wonky stuff over here, because that’s not what Tuerto is all about. But if you have gotten anything out of Setty’s Notebook, who knows. Maybe you’ll enjoy Tuerto. Check it out.

Argentina shale-oil drillers don’t say the M-word (Mapuche)

I spent the last couple days hanging around the Shale Oil & Tight Gas 2012 conference in Buenos Aires. While I have heard a lot about environmental protection, tax issues and infrastructure development, I didn’t once hear anyone say the word “Mapuche,” or even “indigenous” for that matter. Here’s what Eurasia Review says about that, as quoted at Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Organization:

…While new techniques of hydrocarbon drilling, such as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in new areas are lauded by some as a solution to Argentina’s energy imports, the indigenous communities who live in areas where these resources can be found argue the activity is a threat to their communities. Continue reading

Methanex moving chemicals plant from Chile to less stable Latin American state

Louisiana, here they come. Bloomberg reports:

Methanex Corp. (MX), the world’s biggest methanol maker, plans to dismantle an idled Chilean factory and ship it to Louisiana where it will be reassembled to capitalize on the lowest U.S. natural-gas prices in almost a decade.

The article fails to explain the back-story here. Continue reading

Colombia oil unrest grows (Ecopetrol) (plus Hugo Chavez and Kim Kardashian)

Since nobody ever reads the Colombia stories, I thought I’d throw in a little brain candy. Platts says:

Blaming labor unrest and community demonstrations directed at its client Ecopetrol, oil field services company Estrella International Energy Services said it has closed down all rigs and makeover platforms in the Barrancabermeja area of central Colombia… Continue reading

Argentina cracks down on big oil!

But no, not for pollution, even though the tailpipe emissions I’ve seen in Argentine farm country are the worst I’ve seen anywhere in modern-day South America. No, these companies didn’t just cause asthma or pollute drinking water or muck up the beaches — they may have colluded on diesel pricing. Yes, South America is the same as North America. Oil companies can generally do as they please, but don’t you dare overcharge for fuel.

Here’s Reurters (in Spanish). Accused: Shell, Esso, Exxon and Oil.

If I were a slightly more serioius blogger this would be my takeoff point for a long riff on the bizzare nature of Argentine energy policy, but instead, I think I’ll get back to work so I can get out and enjoy the summer today. Here’s a nice little description of Argentine energy resources and policy, in English. Have a great day!