What I’m up to: Tuerto

Have you wondered why my pace of posting has been very slow for a while? Along with paid work, I have a new project: Tuerto magazine. Check it out. And come write for us. Seriously. We want stories about South America. It’s going to rock.

I’ll still post the most energy-wonky stuff over here, because that’s not what Tuerto is all about. But if you have gotten anything out of Setty’s Notebook, who knows. Maybe you’ll enjoy Tuerto. Check it out.

4 thoughts on “What I’m up to: Tuerto

  1. westslope

    I like it. Just bookmarked it where a few hundred people can see it.

    culo, break a leg, fall off a building.

  2. westslope

    Well, tuerto.net didn’t last too long, did it now? Down, down, and down for how long????

    I removed the link so as not mislead innocent bystanders. It struck me as the “right thing to do”.

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