Argentina cracks down on big oil!

But no, not for pollution, even though the tailpipe emissions I’ve seen in Argentine farm country are the worst I’ve seen anywhere in modern-day South America. No, these companies didn’t just cause asthma or pollute drinking water or muck up the beaches — they may have colluded on diesel pricing. Yes, South America is the same as North America. Oil companies can generally do as they please, but don’t you dare overcharge for fuel.

Here’s Reurters (in Spanish). Accused: Shell, Esso, Exxon and Oil.

If I were a slightly more serioius blogger this would be my takeoff point for a long riff on the bizzare nature of Argentine energy policy, but instead, I think I’ll get back to work so I can get out and enjoy the summer today. Here’s a nice little description of Argentine energy resources and policy, in English. Have a great day!