Goodbye, Fly Aruba

Fly Aruba N407BV returns to USA

This is the way Fly Aruba ends, not with a bang but a roar down the jetway.

Thanks again to readers JS and T for keeping me updated on this. Look up the history of this plane and others at FlightAware.

UPDATING: it looks like the flight plan was filed a day early. The plane will go to Brownsville today, according to a newly filed flight plan.

Responding to the comment that “why” is the important issue here, all I can say is yes, of course. But the real “why” may never be known. Starting an airline is an odd thing to do with one’s money. I am starting to think it’s an apt coincidence that Arevenca is in the old Stanford Bank offices in Oranjestad.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Fly Aruba

  1. Ben

    In my opinion it is not so important to know the history of the aircraft, but rather the reasons why they have not received their AOC(airline operators certificate)
    One would believe that a company with such a rich and successfull bussiness history would know how to put together a credible bussiness plan and round up the finances required to start an airline, under the leadership of someone who can get the process completed in a planned period of time.Friends aside because bussiness is bussiness, and as the saying goes money talks and …….walks.
    There are no free lunches, and believe me rich people or corporations did not get rich by wasteing money, but by carefull investing,
    My conclution: there was obviously a failure at all levels of this venture, on the airline level and more so on their corporate( Arevenca) level, as they make great mention of the airline on their website. so it must be a big deal for them.
    So any free thinking person can conclude that there was a hope and an idea to start an airline but there was absolutly no working plan, and that reflects on the reputation and thrustworthyness of the whole Arevenca corporation, remember the owner HIMSELF was involved in the airline.

    My friends if it is not a scam it is HIS chance to prove everyone wrong, but if it is a scam then all those involved must be exposed, remember a former vice prime minister of Aruba(mr. Gelmbert Croes) is involved with the owner of this company. So they must clarify that there is no involvement of the government or former members of the government in this possible scam

  2. linarez

    arevenca es a mi entender pura estafa o por lo menos eso es lo unicoque se consigue de dicha empresa y su dueño francisco gonzales en el internet

  3. linarez

    por ahy circula una que por lo visto no tiene nada que ver con ella pero si mucho que decir de ella igual esta en facebook

  4. Joe Black

    The aircraft flew on from Brownsville TX, to Pinal Airpark in Arizona. That airport is run by a company that stores and scraps aircraft. So either this aircraft will go into storage until a new lessee or buyer is found or it will be scrapped. That should put to rest any claims that the aircraft only left Aruba for ‘maintenance’. That is not why you would fly the aircraft to Pinal Airpark.

  5. don

    octavio rafael alicandro briceno ESTAFADOR, SWINDLER,Oplichter,he survived by scamming people ,he pretends he’s a millionaire but he has not one penny,the people who work with him are suckers because they believe in him and his lies.

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