ProEnergy document leaker storms out of closet

I’ve spent the last two days thinking about how to write a post on this, and I think the best thing is to let this person speak for himself. If you’re at all interested in the whole drama of ProEnergy Services and Derwick Associates in Venezuela, you need to see this. A leaker, Dan Rosenau, is offering a big cache of documents to anyone who wants to help the world understand the ProEnergy-Derwick weirdness.

Apparently, this leaker was the source of the Tomas Lander documents I linked to a few months ago, and which also gave rise to my story asking questions of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (now just PWPS). There are many, many more documents as well.

ProEnergy Services didn’t respond to a voice message and an e-mail in which I requested comment and confirmation that the documents are genuine. The company also didn’t confirm or deny whether Rosenau had worked there.

Interesting. Go check it out at

2 thoughts on “ProEnergy document leaker storms out of closet

  1. Gustavo Coronel

    I am interested in the documents. How can I retrieve them? I have no idea of how to do this. These documents should be made available to the Venezuelan government in a public letter to the Attorney General or the General Comptroller by the opposition group of the
    National Assembly.
    This is a major scandal, I repeat, a major scandal.
    Are there officers of the U.S goverment involved in this? There is a name of such an officer mentioned, Bernard Aronson? What role did he play?

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