Setty recommends: MyCirqle energy pages

I saw today that an old pal of mine, Nate Johnson, has started editing at a startup called MyCirqle. I spent some time this evening writing him critiques of the site. One of them was that I already have plenty of info about energy from my various RSS feeds, twitters, and so on. But as I wrote, I realized that in fact MyCirqle’s energy pages fills a hole. I’m not aware of any other page that aggregates energy news from around the world and around the industry and does so in such a neat, reader-friendly way. I suspect I will be going there a lot, and I suggest you check it out.

I’m not getting any payment or other consideration from MyCirqle for mentioning them, and in fact they don’t know this post is coming. I just thought their site would be something you energy-heads might find useful. Check it out.


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