PDVSA cuts 2015 production goals

What do you say I just schedule this headline to automatically reappear once a year?

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA now projects 4 million barrels a day of output in 2015, down from last year’s plan for 4.46 million. Plans are to grow to 6 million bbl/day in 2019. It’s all pretty tricky, as PDVSA will need to come up with billions of dollars in oilfield investment, rather than spending every spare dime on housing and Ponzi schemes. We’ll see.

I’d add more detail from today’s newly released financial reports, but PDVSA doesn’t see fit to share with the public on the web, instead handing out the financial report on paper to invited guests. I keep deleting the obscenities I am writing here, because this is a family blog.

9 thoughts on “PDVSA cuts 2015 production goals

  1. otto

    One can only assume George Carlin’s Seven Words (Shit Piss Fuck Cunt Bitch Damn Tits) won’t be allowed in the comments section of this post, so I will therefore refrain from using them.

    Oh…wait a minute…

  2. westslope

    LOL! The sub-titles missed a few choice ones…. and then made up for it. Though frankly the literal translations are worse…..

    setty: It would be interesting to compare PDVSA’s mid-term production forecasts with those of the private sector, if any.

  3. Mike

    Technical comment:
    On the iPad version of your blog, the soccer video is on top of this post, making it unreadable. Going to the standard site, everything looks ok and works perfectly well.
    This not the first problem I have noticed. WordPress has many bugs with their iPad app. Sometimes, e.g. when clicking on a post, it loops back to the home page. Actually, technically it’s not an app that one needs to install, it’s a special page layout for the iPad which often is the only option, i.e. the “view standard site” button doesn’t work.
    Same is true on other blogs that use WordPress (e.g “devil” and “chronicles”).
    A case of “if it works, don’t fix it” it seems. You all may loose some hits and readers when people try to access the sites with an iPad, but can’t read anything, because of the loop problem, or something like the one explained at the beginning.
    It’s a WordPress problem and the only thing blogowners (and readers) can do is complain I guess.

  4. Kepler

    You know…it would have been so nice if someone had started from 1999 onwards to record the promises in some digital form and follow things through:

    on the economy
    on the oil industry in particular:
    on production:
    1999: promise: , situation:
    2000: promise: , situation:
    on education
    on security


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