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OLD: Univision links Rafael Ramírez to possible money laundering, coverup

I tried to dig into this story a couple years ago, but nobody would tell me who was the high-level Venezuelan official who had supposedly supplied the funds. Without that info, it wasn’t so interesting. With that info, well, it is interesting. If you speak Spanish, watch the following.

Obviously, Ramírez himself hasn’t had a chance to comment on this story, so please withhold judgment. You never know, maybe he was buying a house in Switzerland, and needed to transfer the money via a lawyer through the USA…oh screw it, never mind. He’s going to have to come up with his own explanations.

(I’m losing my touch. This story was from 2011, and I just saw it retweeted from these black market dollar traders. Sorry. Leaving it here cause it’s interesting, but it’s not new.)