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Colombia oil drilling falls, ANH stops publishing stats

Is there a relationship between these two facts? (Click images for original sources)

Oil drilling in Colombia falls 8%

Oil drilling contracting falls 8% in May (year over year)

For the fifth month of the year, a third of the drilling machines were unused, sector statistics show

Despite ending May with 51 exploration wells drilled, which fulfills 37.7 percent of Government goals [of 135] for the year, growing environmental licensing times and the need for companies to optimize their spending has produced a reduction in drill rig contracting, statistics from the Colombian Oil Association (ACP) and Oil Service Chamber of Commerce (Campetrol) show.

…At the end of May, … of 267 rigs registered, which include a range of power ratings, a third are unused while 171 are in use and 6 are in maintenance.

…Campetrol says that among rigs of more than 500 hp, the reduction in contracting is … between 10 and 12 percent…

“This is the lowest level of activity since the end of 2011…”

The ACP says the National Environmental Licensing Authority is nearing a new method of approving small changes more quickly, which will help exploration activity…

And then

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 3.26.20 AM


 Which is to say, Colombia’s oil regulator, after months of being late on its impressive and useful release of oil-related statistics, has stopped publishing them. They now tell people to get the information from the oil ministry, which also doesn’t publish much of the detailed information. Here’s a link to the last release from ANH. Just a few days ago ANH had posted a menu item for 2013 statistics, but it’s gone.

I guess if the numbers don’t look good, best not to publish the numbers, right? That’s the kind of transparency and good government we all want to see.

Colombia oil, gas output update

Yup, Colombia’s hydrocarbons agency finally released its detailed oil & gas output numbers, and here are the charts.

Colombia oil output, gas sales through September 2012

Colombia oil output, gas sales through September 2012 (click to enlarge)

(note, image swapped out. originally said thousands of cubic feet/day)

Oil output staying pretty stagnant, but as you can see below, it is registering a year-over-year increase.

Colombia oil and gas year-on-year change to Sept 2012

Colombia oil and gas year-on-year change to Sept 2012, click to enlarge.

Colombia oil stats get less transparent

Colombia’s Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos, the agency that regulates the oil and gas industry, has a long tradition of publishing useful statistics about oil and gas output, oil wells drilled, the extent of seismic exploration — lots of info. Here’s a sample. But lately, the data hasn’t been coming out like clockwork every month. The June numbers failed to show up on schedule so at the end of the month I called the agency. They said they didn’t publish such things. I tweeted about it and all was set straight.

July got posted at some point. August output numbers appeared in early September and the full August report appeared on the ANH website Oct. 4. That same day, the mining ministry put out September output numbers, but the ANH never updated its spreadsheets. Last week, the oil ministry released October output figures — a big gain for once. But on the ANH website, there’s still no sign of even September figures — either preliminary output numbers or the full report. I mentioned it to the ANH on Twitter and they said to get the data from the mining ministry. It makes me wonder why they have stopped publishing. It’s annoying. Continue reading