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A more pragmatic PDVSA may be emerging

So, this turned out to be false. But the point remains. Ever since Hugo Chávez got terminal cancer and stopped running the day to day of Venezuela, PDVSA has been taking more pragmatic decisions. The latest ones:

Opening bid round to let service companies revive old, low-production wells. (via)

Eulogio Del Pino…met with the private sector and presented the Well Connection by Service Companies project to reactivate more than 1,000 wells in Lake Maracaibo. The bureaucrat explained that the project represents a pilot plan for a new contracting scheme, fed by a trust fund with payment guarantees and whose objective is to boost production.

Talking with Trinidad and Tobago about how to finally tap a shared gas field. (via)

the Venezuelans are moving quickly…Ramnarine described the two-day meeting as “a historic advancement,” adding that “we have moved Loran-Manatee more in two days than we have moved it in two years.”

And also, the weird silence: I haven’t heard of any face-palm-inducing ridiculous proposals out of PDVSA in quite some time. We’ll see if this keeps up.