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Why it’s so easy to find corruption stories

Page 24 of OECD foreign bribery report

Page 24 of OECD foreign bribery report

The OECD has a new report about corruption. It gives people like me a good guide to where to look for scandal stories.

The OECD says state-owned enterprises are responsible for a huge part of the problem. Eighty percent of discovered cases of foreign bribery involved state companies. The natural resource industry is most vulnerable. Three quarters of cases involve intermediaries, many of them in offshore tax havens.

State companies, natural resources, and intermediaries in offshore tax havens. Where could we find such things? Sounds like there will continue to be work for those of us interested in energy corruption stories in Latin America.

Hat-tip to Global Witness for pointing out the new report. They want to help reduce corruption by pushing for an end to anonymous corporate registration. I think that will take some very concerted international cooperation. There is always some poor country that will want to whore itself out to corporations, whether as a tax haven, internet domain registry, or anonymous corporate registration hideout. Panama gets more transparent, along come Nevis and Mauritius.

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