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Malaysia eliminates fuel subsidies

Here’s an oil-exporting country that is taking advantage of the low price of oil to eliminate subsidies. That may be a tough policy to maintain when prices rise again, but at least they are trying.

You can see they did a reasonably good job of this transition by the fact that it hasn’t been in the news. No riots, no panic. Here’s a study of how the state sought public support for the change, then started it in 2013.


No oil off Cuba? What a shocker

After 3 dry holes, one of the world’s only offshore oil drilling apparati that can legally work in Cuba is now asail for Africa. Repsol, Petronas and PDVSA all came up short. Petrobras abandoned its work on the island a couple years ago. Now one might ask, in hindsight, did this drilling program make sense?

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