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Lithium knowledge and a cleaner house — what a combo

Yes, you too can become knowledgable about the world lithium industry in just 13 minutes, and your house will end up cleaner as a result. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Put computer speaker near kitchen.
2. Click this link. (MP3)
3. Click play.
4. Wash dishes.

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What the fuss is all about: Lithium in Chile

Lithium is getting a lot of attention in Chile these days. One thing most people don’t know is what the heck lithium is really like. Here are a couple pictures to explain.

An abandoned nitrate mine near Antofagasta. Possible source of lithium. Brown.

Refined lithium metal. Probably from the Salar de Atacama. White.

Also, the biggest use of lithium worldwide today is glass and ceramics. You may not have known that. And now you do. For no extra charge. Next week: how to pronounce “Верхоянск.”

Chile copper reserves exposed to Bolivian marauders as land mines removed

Here’s a big issue for you copper investors out there: Chile, the single biggest copper-producing country, is backing down from its vigilant protection of this vital industrial metal by getting rid of the 181,814 land mines it placed on the country’s borders in the 1970s.

No, seriously — 181,814 land mines. Today, Chile’s defense minister was out declaring some mine fields “cleared” in the Antofagasta Region, near the town of Ollagüe. Roughly here.

So far, 50,000 have been destroyed. That would mean there are still more than 131,000 land mines in this country. Good thing, too, cause otherwise who knows what would happen to all that copper.