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Malaysia eliminates fuel subsidies

Here’s an oil-exporting country that is taking advantage of the low price of oil to eliminate subsidies. That may be a tough policy to maintain when prices rise again, but at least they are trying.

You can see they did a reasonably good job of this transition by the fact that it hasn’t been in the news. No riots, no panic. Here’s a study of how the state sought public support for the change, then started it in 2013.


I spoke too soon (US-Venezuela fuel trade, if you must know)

(Yes, I corrected spelling in the headline. Originally it was a secret message about my conversation partner, Mr. Soon.)

Remember how back in April I said that Venezuela was importing far less fuel from the US, indicating refineries were coming back on line? Yeah, no worries, I didn’t remember that either. Anyway, looks like I spoke too soon. A few more months go by, you see the trend is still that Venezuela is buying way too much US fuel.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 11.33.38 PM

That’s total fuel exports from the US to Venezuela, through June, in thousands of barrels a day. After falling to just 7,000 for one month, the figure jumped right back up to pre-Amuay disaster levels and has stayed there. Why? Continue reading

Venezuela fuel imports update: the derroche continues

Venezuela is buying ever more finished motor fuel from the USA. In January, it bought a record 113,000 barrels a day of the stuff. Meanwhile, it halted purchases of MTBE and special naphthas, which I previously referred to as the “good” imports. It’s grim.

Source: US EIA

Source: US EIA

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