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Chile copper reserves exposed to Bolivian marauders as land mines removed

Here’s a big issue for you copper investors out there: Chile, the single biggest copper-producing country, is backing down from its vigilant protection of this vital industrial metal by getting rid of the 181,814 land mines it placed on the country’s borders in the 1970s.

No, seriously — 181,814 land mines. Today, Chile’s defense minister was out declaring some mine fields “cleared” in the Antofagasta Region, near the town of Ollag├╝e. Roughly here.

So far, 50,000 have been destroyed. That would mean there are still more than 131,000 land mines in this country. Good thing, too, cause otherwise who knows what would happen to all that copper.

Meanwhile, over there: Sudans at risk of oil war

Those of us fixated on Latin America sometimes forget just how stable and calm things are in our neck of the world. I found fascinating this Platt’s report on the possibility of an oil war between Sudan and South Sudan.

A bloody battle over a disputed oil field heads for full-blown conflict between Sudan and South Sudan, just nine months after the former civil foes split … disputed Heglig oilfield … mobilized their populations for war … South Sudan seized the oilfield … estimated production capacity of 60,000 b/d, around half of Sudan’s remaining 115,000 b/d production, making them vital to Sudan’s economy … increased financial crisis due to takeover of Heglig … headlong mobilization …

Enjoy, inasmuch as you can enjoy another war.