Important crime news

That’s right, very important, right here.

Nice-Pak Products, Inc., a manufacturer of wet wipes, will stop advertising moist toilet tissue as flushable unless it can substantiate that the product is safe to flush.

That’s under a settlement between the company and the Federal Trade Commission.


Nice-Pak was represented by Trenton Norris of Arnold & Porter in Washington, D.C.

Nice-Pak will no longer claim that its moist toilet tissue is safe for sewer and septic tanks unless it has substantiation for those claims.

Nice-Pak will also stop providing trade customers, such as retailers, with information to make such unsubstantiated claims.

Oh wait, no. That’s not the important one. This is.

Y en español también.

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UPDATE. But seriously. Can you all please take your triumphalist “ooh la la here comes the collapse of el rrregimen” and just shut up and think for a minute?

This all is not especially good news. Find me an example of a country where the US has taken out top members of the government and things got significantly better within a decade. If this is really the way things are going, then it’s where things are going. But please don’t pretend that this is good news. This is horrible news. If the US moves on Cabello and/or other top members of the Venezuelan state, we are probably looking at a long period of extreme instability. Not fun.

And forget about Diosdado and friends. What about all these scumballs who are turning state’s witness? You think these are some sorts of charmers? Why do you suppose that the US has never brought charges against the many people whose criminal activity has been decently described on this website, and even more on those of Alek Boyd or Caracas Gringo? These are not nice people. These are assholes who have stolen, quite often, hundreds of millions of dollars from the people of Venezuela. And since they are able to give a bit of chisme on Diosdado Cabello, they get to live out their days in fancy suburban homes and send their kids to fancy universities and live happily ever after, while Venezuela falls ever deeper into a pit.

It’s a disaster, it’s a mess, and the people who should be doing something about it are the people of Venezuela, especially the relatively well off, literate and networked expatriates. But the extent of their organizing is to retweet Nelson Bocaranda once a day and then go back to the pool.

ANOTHER UPDATE: What the Devil says.

4 thoughts on “Important crime news

  1. boz

    “Find me an example of a country where the US has taken out top members of the government and things got significantly better within a decade.”


    1. Steven/Setty Post author

      If that’s the best-case scenario, I think it sort of proves my point. Other than getting rid of Noriega and killing a bunch of poor people, what exactly did the invasion accomplish? Wasn’t Panamá’s development path pretty set under Torrijos and Noriega? Is the country now free of the scourge that supposedly prompted the invasion, that of laundering of drug proceeds?

  2. Rory

    While I agree with you on one hand and I often have the same reaction to another round of “The regime now is on the verge of collapse!” comments, I don’t think this is a bad thing . There isn’t any plan to take out any regime members. They are simply publicizing this information, which has been known in high (and low) circles for years, to put more pressure on the other countries in the region who continue to give Venezuela diplomatic cover. This also encourages more defections and more inside Chavismo (and the military) to worry about their future, and may be more willing to take part in some sort of transition to a more democratic government. (It may make others more desperate, as well.)

    And yes, it’s true that these defectors have all been involved in criminality to some extent, and in many cases certainly stole millions from Venezuela, what did you expect? They weren’t gonna face justice anyway. Only the top dogs would ever be prosecuted anyway, otherwise a transition to a democratic government would be fought tooth and nail to the end. This still may be the case, and we may see full on fascism and massive repression, but let’s hope not.

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