Galt’s Gulch Chile update with more soap opera

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.33.06 PMJust go read PanAm Post, it’s too much for me to deal with right now.

“The restoration of Galt’s Gulch Chile has started!” reads the statement released viaFacebook on Friday, April 25.* After over six months of falling off the radar, the development project inspired by Ayn Rand’s dystopian novel Atlas Shrugged appears to be making a comeback, but not without new controversy and grave implications.

In the reboot statement, Galt’s Gulch Chile (GGC) condemns a confrontation and robbery on the property that allegedly took place in October 2014: “a handful of short-sighted and self-serving individuals took illegal possession of the GGC offices, clubhouse, farm and land.” The release asserts the presence of a “small band of thieves” headed by Thomas Baker, “a crooked military cop,” and Edward J. Lashlee, who “was convicted and sentenced to federal prison in 2003 for his role in an $80,000,000 ponzi scheme.”

Full story.

ADDING: Looks like Ken Johnson is back in charge. You can read a bit about him in my Galt’s Gulch story from a year ago. Interesting cat.