Chile going renewable

This is what we like to see. Here is January’s power mix in Chile, with year-over-year change in the right-hand column:

Chile SIC generation mix change 2013-14

The power generation mix in Chile’s main electrical grid, the SIC, has changed a bit over the past year: Solar generation up 22-fold, wind generation up 3.5-fold, hydro generation up 10%, and thermal — meaning fossil fuels — down 6%. Source here.

Add to that what happened in February. Note that solar power quadrupled month-over-month.

February power mix in Chile

According to Business News Americas, the upshot is that February’s solar energy output in the SIC grid increased more than 100-fold over a year earlier. 

Much more solar and wind power has been approved for construction in the country, so next year the GWh from solar should be even higher.

3 thoughts on “Chile going renewable

    1. Helios

      The best place in the WORLD for photovoltaic electricity production is the Atacama desert. Why? Well, deserts receive fantastic amounts of sunlight, but normally have one major drawback for PV: high temperatures. High temperatures seriously decrease the efficiency of PV panels, though thin film-type PV panels(CdTe or aSi) are half as affected by this as are the more common crystalline-Silicon PV panels. So if for some crazy reason you could find a cold desert(Antartica doesn’t count), you would be one happy sunflower. Well, it exists, and its name is Atacama!

  1. sapitosetty Post author

    I think it’s all large scale grid-connected photovoltaic. A concentrating solar plant was approved, but I don’t think construction has started.

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