Venezuela’s reputation protection racket using Crowdflower

Alek Boyd has the story. Very nice follow-up on this whole reputation protection story. Long story short: whoever is protecting reputation for the Bolibourgeoisie (denials notwithstanding, quite likely this cat called Rafael Núñez) is now using the services of the consummate startup Crowdflower to boost search rank of some of his or her clients. Lukas Biewald, one of the founders of Crowdflower used to work on search relevance at Yahoo. And his tools are now being used to screw up search relevance. Go figure.

Alek also gives a bit more about the convicted terrorist murderer and now reputation management beneficiary Ramiro Helmeyer. Go give a read.

5 thoughts on “Venezuela’s reputation protection racket using Crowdflower

  1. etudiant

    Just wonderful!
    A practical method to subvert the Google page rank algorithm.
    Just find enough gold diggers to click on the links you want to highlight and the bad information disappears to page 731 of the Google Search results.
    Pragmatic and effective. Pizarro would have approved.

    This story and its links really should be on Slashdot, the US tech news site.
    It is a really innovative way to subvert web based information gathering.

    1. etudiant

      Very interesting, especially as the examples cited by Setty provide an immediate reality check.
      So if the Google references to these individuals remain as currently ranked, Crowdflower can then highlight their sanitizing techniques as Google proof.

  2. etudiant

    Google has indeed flushed the Crowdflower inputs from their search algorithm.
    Mr Helmeyers checkered past is again the first document that pops up.

    Steve can take a well deserved victory lap on this one and perhaps send Google a bill for professional services rendered.

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