Sources for yesterday’s chart

Someone requested sources for yesterday’s chart of changing Venezuela oil output goals, so here you go. As you’ll see, it was a bit of a rush job, with a motley bunch of sources. Someone might do better with different sources and better graphing software (I was just sketching in Illustrator). But I think it’s fair all the same. The change over time has been clear — ever more ambitious goals with nothing to show for them.

PDVSA output goals (Excel file)

One thing not included in every article, book or report is the baseline figure. I tried to find Ramírez quotes from the same time period giving the baseline.


2 thoughts on “Sources for yesterday’s chart

  1. Kepler

    Thanks, Set. I have no time now, but you can look in the future to this:

    The learning curve is not so steep for this kind of graphs…it’s about setting up R (easy and free), then you can write in a script the vectors and the settings for names and colours and you are done: you can produce png’s or else in a jiffy.

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