Chavista Freddy Bernal calls for investigation of Derwick Associates

Original, with full context, here. Short version: TV host Vladimir Villegas is pressing Venezuelan pro-government deputy Freddy Bernal for specific examples of companies or people who may have stolen from the country.


Freddy Bernal: En esta concierto para delinquir, hay empresas por ejemplo una empresa denominada Derwick. No sé quien será el dueño. Derwick. Esa empresa contratada con el estado.

Vladimir Villegas: Empresa venezolana.

Bernal: Sí, empresa venezolana. Y esa empresa compro, nada más y nada menos, que en Nueva York, el apartamento de Aristóteles Onassis. Bueno, yo creo que, creo que vale la pena investigar un caso de esas características.


Freddy Bernal: In this symphony of crime, there are companies like, for example, a company called Derwick. I don’t know who would be the owner. Derwick. A company with state contracts.

Vladimir Villegas: A Venezuelan company.

Bernal: Yeah, a Venezuelan company. And this company bought, in New York, nothing less than the apartment of Aristotle Onassis. Well I think, I think it’s worth the trouble to investigate a case with these characteristics.

Next time that Derwick Associates deigns to accuse me and other reporters of being “agents” in a “defamation campaign,” I hope they also include Mr. Bernal. Just for consistency.

The irony here is really thick. Bernal is citing information first posted on Alek Boyd’s Infodio website. In case you haven’t noticed, Boyd is a passionate anti-Chavista, while Bernal — one-time head of the Caracas police, mayor of Caracas, defense minister of Venezuela, and resident of the US’s drug kingpin list — is one of the most recognized Chavistas. Strange bedfellows. (Corrected: I had the guy confused with a different alleged drug kingpin. Bernal wasn’t defense minister.)

11 thoughts on “Chavista Freddy Bernal calls for investigation of Derwick Associates

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Cort – You’re right that people have spoken up against corruption. But it’s been 4 years since I saw anyone in the government openly take on a boligarch.

  1. Gustavo Coronel

    This is interesting. This is not Bernal flying by the seat off his pants. This must be planned before hand. If you think a minute Derwick is an ideal target for the Maduro gvt. They can make it look lke a company owned by members of the “Oligarchy” that has taken advantage of the state in an emergency, assisted by some minor corrupt characters within the gvt. I would not be surprised if Vladimir Villegas is into this plan.
    BTW I m not saying the request for an investigation is unfair. Just that it seems to be a controlled maneuver.
    Historical note.
    Bernal himself was put in prison many years ago, in the 1960’s, for leading an urban gang of petty thieves, what Venezuelans call roba gallinas, reported by El Universal, with photo.

  2. Cort Greene (@rojo_rojitoCort)

    Where as we must realize that the grassroots and militants of the Bolivarian revolution, who are the heart and soul of it and are not the same as the government,bureaucracy or the Boliburguesía, who have held back, sabotaged and throw up roadblocks along the way to it.

    You can not make half a revolution, it must be completed or it will be defeated. Hopefully some within the government are not realizing it.

  3. Helio Rodriguez-Ecay

    A quote but without credit because I cannot remember who said it:
    “Communism is like fire, it eats the fuel that feeds it.”
    If we leave them alone long enough, they will kill each other.

      1. Helio Rodriguez-Ecay

        You know very well who I mean by “we”. The people who are against the corrupt communists who once again seem to be everywhere, including the United States. “They” are the gangsters like Chavez, Maduro, Chacon, Ramirez, etc. Need I elaborate further?

  4. Kepler

    Well: it’s not the first time. Miguel was one of the first ones, as far as I know, to talk and talk and talk about Arné Chacón. Then others followed. Suddenly, Hugo I realised Arné Chacón had become reached – at least 2 years after Miguel started writing on the subject…and then Arné went to jail until Chavistas realised Chávez was going to die soon – on Hogmanay. And then Arné was set free “to have a trial” (although I am sure the guy won’t fear anything now).

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      As I said above, first time in 4 yrs. Last round of cleansing was 2009, when Ali Rodriguez was in the Finance Ministry. Not just Chacón, also Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco and others. But it’s been a while, and it’s the first time I’ve seen this in the industries associated with oil & energy (rather than finance)

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