Dino Bouterse arrested, old friends free

Dino Bouterse, son of the president of Suriname, was arrested today in Panama to be deported to the US on allegations of drug smuggling.

Moving up in the world, I see. This was him in 2010 with a couple guys who look vaguely familiar.



(Update a week later — seems Dino was pals with lots more interesting characters in Venezuela.)


4 thoughts on “Dino Bouterse arrested, old friends free

  1. Kepler

    Asinus asinum fricat, our ancestors used to say.
    I am sure all these people we call thugs follow a 2, at most 3 degree of separation principle.

  2. Gustavo Coronel

    The father of Dino is also involved in drug trafficking. UNASUR just paid homage to Hugo Chavez, has a former terrorist as Secretary General (Alí Rodríguez), a drug trafficker as president (Bouterse) and the Quito headquarters has been baptized as the Nestor Kirchner building. How can such a nest of gangsters have any credibility?

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Paula – thanks for the links. Just to be clear, those are all pretty old articles. Acotel is from 2005ish, the AVIC XAC article was from the same road trip that I reported on previously (biggest oil deal ever, etc) and the Arevenca videos were all posted at once a few months ago. That goofy face is now the face of Arevenca, as Francisco Javier Gonzalez Alvarez has been posting that face on social media to try and get himself off the Google. I’m surprised he never contracted with his neighbors at Clean Perception, they’re good at this reputation management stuff.

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