Colombia oil drilling falls, ANH stops publishing stats

Is there a relationship between these two facts? (Click images for original sources)

Oil drilling in Colombia falls 8%

Oil drilling contracting falls 8% in May (year over year)

For the fifth month of the year, a third of the drilling machines were unused, sector statistics show

Despite ending May with 51 exploration wells drilled, which fulfills 37.7 percent of Government goals [of 135] for the year, growing environmental licensing times and the need for companies to optimize their spending has produced a reduction in drill rig contracting, statistics from the Colombian Oil Association (ACP) and Oil Service Chamber of Commerce (Campetrol) show.

…At the end of May, … of 267 rigs registered, which include a range of power ratings, a third are unused while 171 are in use and 6 are in maintenance.

…Campetrol says that among rigs of more than 500 hp, the reduction in contracting is … between 10 and 12 percent…

“This is the lowest level of activity since the end of 2011…”

The ACP says the National Environmental Licensing Authority is nearing a new method of approving small changes more quickly, which will help exploration activity…

And then

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 3.26.20 AM


 Which is to say, Colombia’s oil regulator, after months of being late on its impressive and useful release of oil-related statistics, has stopped publishing them. They now tell people to get the information from the oil ministry, which also doesn’t publish much of the detailed information. Here’s a link to the last release from ANH. Just a few days ago ANH had posted a menu item for 2013 statistics, but it’s gone.

I guess if the numbers don’t look good, best not to publish the numbers, right? That’s the kind of transparency and good government we all want to see.