Pacific Rubiales buying warplanes for Venezuelan oppostion? Moooooooooo

I think regular readers know that I can be skeptical about Colombia-oriented oil company Pacific Rubiales and its related companies. But this sounds like some of the more ridiculous bullshit I have ever come across. (Translation mine)

Pacific Rubiales implicated in alleged arms purchase of Venezuelan opposition

The ex-vice president of Venezuela, José Vicente Rangel, said the Canadian oil company was involved in the acts he denounced at the start of the month, in which “opposition Venezuelans” signed a purchase contract for 18 warplanes.

“Businessmen with problems with Venezuelan justice living in the United States and people linked to the oil company Pacific Rubiales that operates in Colombia” were involved in the May 27 purchase in San Antonio, Texas (USA), he said.

More here, if you’re up for a giggle.

h/t The Otto.

5 thoughts on “Pacific Rubiales buying warplanes for Venezuelan oppostion? Moooooooooo

  1. John Penn

    That is some serious allegations the former vice president is making….Companies should NEVER be in the business of meddling with democratically voted governments (however despiteful)….These are venezuelans,cubans.italians which have incorporated the company in Canada and operate the oil fields in Colombia…so i hope this does not cause a diplomatic nightmare between Canada and Venezuela….Colombia needs to short leash the “executives” that aim above their pay grade.

  2. telmex slim radonsky rubiales

    Pacific Rubiales has been linked to financing of Capriles Telmex expenses in 2012 and 2013 – and Carlos is invested in Colombian Oil- just a coincidence I am sure!

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      What the hell are you talking about? Capriles Telmex? Who is that? Carlos? “Has been linked”? Your comment gets an F+, and the plus is for brevity. Please try again.

      If you’re trying to say that PREC donated to the Capriles campaign, first I’d like to know how you know that, and second, please explain why that would be a bad thing (in the context of a pro-govt campaign financed by a much bigger, richer oil company).

  3. Reinel Restrepo

    Not too crazy – Colombia bought 24 Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV III) from Canada for $65.3 million Jan. 15/13 for Guajira (near Cerrejon).

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      Colombia buys a lot of military gear. It has a huge military. That is quite unrelated to the question of a private oil company buying warplanes. Which is bullshit.

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