Oil in the Amazon

heronMay 31, Petroecuador spilled 11,480 barrels of crude, much of it going into a tributary of the Amazon River. The company is now sampling waters from miles downstream, in the Napo and Amazon rivers. It’s likely they were affected.

This sucks.

I know it’s a separate issue, but I think about the tens of millions of dollars that both sides have spent on the Chevron-Ecuador lawsuit. I think about how spending a fraction of that on spill prevention and response in Ecuador would have made this spill less likely and then, if it happened, less destructive. But that’s not how this world works.

Party on Wayne. Fight on, Chevron and Rio Agrio plaintiffs.


2 thoughts on “Oil in the Amazon

  1. kodhambo

    Petroecuador has a lot of personnel and capabilities shortage. PDVSA is miles ahead of them right now and they have a severe lake Maracaibo dumping issue. Actually, the pipeline dumped 420,000 gallons and I am not sure that only 11,000 added to the river.

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