Look who is doing online reputation management: Arevenca!

My favorite long con, Arevenca, has made a Youtube channel and a blog and is now taking me on in the Search Engine Optimization wars. But hey, I like to help, so here’s a link to the con-men. Also, here’s their lying sack of shit Google+ account and their bogus Youtube channel.

Oh sorry did I forget their pack of lies on Slideshare? And as usual a bligoo account. For some reason the only time I ever end up at a Bligoo account is when I’m googling liars. And they have Pinterest, if you want to see the smiling faces of one-time friends. And what reputation management campaign would be complete without LinkedIn? (Note the address, here is the Google Street View image of the now global HQ of this 3.5 million barrel a day refiner.)

By the way, Don Francisco Javier Gonzalez has gotten some interesting plastic surgery. You can see his real face on the Pinterest site, he’s the white-haired guy. The Google+ face is rather different.


5 thoughts on “Look who is doing online reputation management: Arevenca!

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      You might want to check out my earlier coverage of Arevenca — the whole thing is fake. That’s my point, that reputation management is largely a tool used for the benefit of the worst elements in society, those that really deserve a bad reputation.

  1. pitiyanqui

    I don’t know. It seems wholly reasonable to me that a company that does $320 million in refining a day would happily share office space with a mobile store, a lamp store and an Alcer outlet (they really do have nice high end water closet fixtures.). And apparently a number of the suites are available for lease; I found at least three ranging from 480 m^2 to 880 m^2 available…. think of the prestige of being in the same building with such luminous businesses as those, Arevenca included. Why, the glorious goodness of being tied to an Arevenca location would be a reward unto itself.

    Ah, sweet suspension of disbelief.

    You have to love a company which has a name that loosely rhymes with “Cheeky Wanker”.

    1. sapitosetty Post author

      That is very clevah, but requires an accent much more British than mine. The only rhyme I can think of is “penca,” which is Chilean Spanish for a pithy plant, or for people with the personality of plant pith.

      1. pitiyanqui

        Guilty as charged. I must say, its interesting how many Brit terms invaded the local patois following a large migration from England (and Wales, Scotland, although not so much Ireland, but weirdly Swedes and Greeks as well) about 150 years ago. Given the local population’s grand love of pseudo-swearing, they’ve adopted pretty much anything that sounds like a mild imprecation.

        Either way, none of it does these fellows justice. I think a more appropriate term for the folks at Arevenca likely rhymes with “Brother Truckers”.

        I have enjoyed reading your exposé on them. Sadly, as with so many other things in Venezuela or of Venezuelan origin, impunity seems to be the rule of the day.

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