Exxon-PDVSA case stuff, catching up on year-old details

Hey remember how a year ago an arbitration panel granted ExxonMobil a limited award in a case against Petroleos de Venezuela SA? (This is different from the arbitration case Exxon is still pursuing against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.) And remember how nobody could get their hands on a copy of the decision, so there was all sorts of speculation about why that amount, with me incorrectly saying that Exxon had gotten market value for its assets and then other people saying there was some secret $27 “fair price” in the original agreements that limited PDVSA’s liability and, yeah, me either. Anyway, since January, the award has been sitting in US court files for anyone to download for less than $10. Thanks to the generous donors to this site, I have a little reserve that I use exactly to pay for this sort of thing. Here you go. And many thanks to those who have clicked the “Donate” button.


Oh sorry, I didn’t mention: 24 megabyte PDF. Don’t open if you need your computer to run at peak performance.

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