Lesson of the day: Use language well (IKN censored)

Google Corp’s “Blogger” service has high standards for discourse — especially in Canada. You may record your poorly formatted hypno-sex fantasies. You’re free to write a lengthy screed about how the US president is an uppity nigger. And there’s nothing wrong with crushing a kitten to death with a high-heeled shoe (Really, don’t click that one. I rarely have to stop watching something, but that one did it.)

But there are some things that go too far. Like if you write “whole nine years” rather than “whole nine yards.” In that case, the Blogger Snappy Phrase Enforcement Unit is going to shut your page right down.

Yes, it looks like site-pal Otto managed to really do it this time. You gotta be pretty bad to run afoul of Google, the “don’t be evil” company. But they took down a page of his. Go see his reaction if you like. Trust me, it’s the only link on this post that deserves a click. (Also, if you want to see the original post that got censored, it’s still up — just not in Canada. See, they are very particular about their yards vs. years issues.)

PS I am still feeling ill from that video. WTF.