Chile oil exports soaring

Mmmm oil. (my translation)

A decade ago Chile exported just 9 tons of olive oil a year. Today, by contrast, domestic producers send about 6,650 tons overseas, for more than US$24 million. Growth of more than 1,000% in just 10 years.

Yes, that should be “more than 70,000%” if they really want to toot their own horn, but whatever. Can’t expect them to be able to both produce oil and do basic math.

6 thoughts on “Chile oil exports soaring

  1. Carol Watkins

    I was at Whole Foods today and bought the same brand, same label, of organic olive oil I got in Chile.

  2. Dr. Faustus

    Forget about their olive oil. I love Chilean wine! That stuff from Chile can compete with any brand in the world. They also have that one grape variety that is unique to Chile. I forgot what it’s called. Sorry. I got carried away. OK. OK. I’ll try their olive oil as well. It’s good for the heart.

    1. Gringo

      Having consumed it by the jug when it cost $1/liter, my bias is towards Salta/Cafayate white. Torrontes etc. Not that I intend to put down Chilean wine, mind you.

  3. Kepler

    Boah, after I read this interesting post on oil and numeracy I thought a discussion about mathematics, education and Latin America would follow in the comments’ section. What do I find here? People talking about boozing! Boozing, it’s all boozing! How depressing! I think I need a drink.
    Shall I take a Carménère? Even a Sena would do. Let’s forget the sad state of South America’s education. As an Spanish writer wrote 7.5 centuries ago: “quiero fer una prosa en román paladino…ca non so tan letrado por ser otro latino, bien valdrá, como creo, un bon vaso de vino”
    Yo también soy un latino. ¡Salud!

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