Bolivia: Journalist lit on fire after reporting on fuel smuggling


Bolivian journalist Fernando Vidal set alight on air

A Bolivian radio journalist has been attacked while he was conducting a radio show in the southern city of Yacuiba.

Staff at Radio Popular said four masked men broke into the studio, poured petrol over presenter Fernando Vidal and set him alight.

Mr Vidal, 78, and another staff member are being treated for burns.

Relatives said Mr Vidal had been reporting on smuggling in the border area when the attack happened.

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1 thought on “Bolivia: Journalist lit on fire after reporting on fuel smuggling

  1. Gringo

    When I was working in Salta, smuggling was already a big operation in Yacuiba. An Argentine fellow employee flew to Miami for a “plata dulce” shopping trip. He then returned via Santa Cruz and Yacuiba. He found out he couldn’t sweet talk/bribe Argentine customs officials into ignoring the import tax on a VCR [or more]. At the time, import duties meant that a VCR in Argentina cost 3 times what it would have cost in Bolivia or in the US, which amounted to ~$2,000 USD in import duties.

    He easily found some smugglers in Yacuiba/Pocitos to take his VCR across the border.

    IIRC, this was not the only component of his Miami haul and Yacuiba smuggling operation. Add a top grade camera with lenses to the operation. Or more? My memory fades.

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