Exclusive: Madasi sues Arevenca for $800 million in US Court

Arevenca’s bum asphalt deal with the Díaz family of Puerto Rico continues to redound as its formerly exclusive broker in the USA, Madasi Oil, seeks to salvage its good name by suing Arevenca. The brief was sent in by Madasi’s Marcos da Silva, but I have confirmed with the US court that it’s legit. Even though it includes paragraphs like this:

ARC is the owner of several refineries in Aruba. Later it was found that it was not. It is part of a group denominated “Arevenca Group.”


Amusingly, the US court website has the case listed as being for $800 billion. That is incorrect, but it would seem entirely appropriate for Arevenca, the only oil company ever to consummate a $2 trillion oil deal.

Don’t worry, I won’t keep bugging you with updates unless something major happens.

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