Venezuela elections: CSM Article & Special bonus track

I had an article in the Christian Science Monitor that actually relates to the topics of this website, so I thought I’d link it here.

Chávez reelection at risk as Venezuela’s oil heartland moves on

Also, here is a special bonus tidbit for readers of this blog. I didn’t turn in this material on time, but it was interesting enough to me that I’m sharing it with you:

While Chávez has struggled to ensure that the oilfields and basic industries remains in the service of socialism, his heavy-handed approach may have backfired. Workers are often required to go to political marches, and coveralls, hard hats and other work uniforms are all red — the color of Chávez’s party.

Workers are annoyed with being forced to support a political party, said a contractor at Fertinitro, a chemical plant that Chávez expropriated from the US’s Koch Industries.

After managers shut down the plant Thursday so workers could attend Chávez’s final rally, he said, a worker told him “I can’t believe we have to stop making fertilizer so we can go support this campaign.”

“The people working in the plant wear a red shirt and red cap, but you can be sure they’re voting for Capriles,” he said.

Adding, this all is extra-poignant after talking to a farmer friend who says there is simply no fertilizer available, and also reading this tidbit from Caracas Chronicles about declining food output.

3 thoughts on “Venezuela elections: CSM Article & Special bonus track

  1. The Cat

    Dear Steven,
    This was a wonderful article. However, I have to ask you whether or not you are inclined, politically, one way or another. I really wanted to jump into your last couple of posts, but, I didn’t. I mean, I really get what they were about, particularly the one about observations in Caracas. So, how does that one square with this one? Are you willing and/or able to come out supporting one side or the other? In any case, please know that I, of course, support YOU.

  2. sapitosetty Post author

    Thanks for the support. I report what I see. I’m a guest in this country and have no more place declaring support for one side or the other than a guest in my house has in repainting my bathroom. But thanks for asking.

  3. Dr. Faustus

    “…a chemical plant that Chávez expropriated from the US’s Koch Industries.”

    While I was busily repainting your bathroom, this time in florescent orange, I noticed the above quote. Has anyone taken the time to determine when all those lawsuits filed against Venezuela come due? Koch Industries? Exxon/Mobil? etc. etc. etc. Somebody’s gotta pay sometime, whether Chavez or Capriles. That’s one massive &$%^# bill coming due! When do the judgements at ICSID start? Next year?

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