Arevenca: Madasi Oil defends self, countersues

Madasi Oil’s Marcos da Silva writes with his respondes to the lawsuit I reported here. The response is in Spanish legalese but I think the short of it is “hey, you can’t sue us, we were screwed too!”

If you recall, the scam company Arevenca sold an $8 million cargo of asphalt to a Puerto Rico paving company with Madasi acting as the broker. Madasi says in its suit that it was supposed to get a 25% commission on the deal, or $1.75 million, which was then reduced to $1.55 million. The payment was made but the asphalt never arrived, and now Madasi is countersuing the Diaz family for allegedly having cost Madasi business worth, and I quote, “eight hundred billion dollars ($800,000,000.00).” Plus reputational harm to Madasi of $5 million, and additional harm to Lausell of $10 million.

As always we’re happy to offer a forum in which the subjects of commentary can offer their reply, so without additional commentary, here it is. Gotta say though that I won’t be posting anything else on here about this case unless Arevenca itself files a brief, until something big happens.



You may now return to your previously scheduled Chávez-Capriles nail-biting session.

One thought on “Arevenca: Madasi Oil defends self, countersues

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