Guerra de cuarta generación

Photo: Meridith Kohut for The New York Times. Click for slide show.

Venezuela’s government leaders often justify their actions as taking part in “Fourth-generation warfare,” known in Spanish as “guerra de cuarta generación.” For years, people in that country have lamented that they have wartime levels of violence. 50 people are often killed in a weekend in Caracas, and about 15,000 to 20,000 people a year are murdered nationwide, making Venezuela by far the richest country with so much homicide. Now, looking at the pictures out of Paraguaná, you can see scenes straight out of the blitzkrieg phase of the US invasion of Iraq. Maybe this is real guerra de cuarta de generación? Prevent invasion by destroying yourself?

I know there are people here in Washington, DC who dream of invading Iraq Venezuela. I wonder if they are frustrated at the shrinking target list.

7 thoughts on “Guerra de cuarta generación

  1. locojhon

    Setty–“I know there are people here in Washington, DC who dream of invading Iraq.”
    As in some kind of retrospective nightmare? I don’t think so. Been there, done that–lots of money made in the process…or am I–Rip Van Winkle-like–missing something, and they dream of attacking Iraq again?
    Setty–“I wonder if they are frustrated at the shrinking target list.”
    Likely not. Much more likely thrilled at not being caught at the scene. The shrinking target list is the mirror image of the ever-expanding US basing list–now reported as being in the neighborhood of 1000 bases worldwide in some 120 or so nations–many ex-target listees.
    I mean, what does one suppose the 60,000 Special Operations forces train to do, other than assassinate, depose, bribe, disrupt and blow up other peoples’ stuff?

    1. NorskeDiv

      As a factual point, the number of US bases has shrunk drastically over the last decades. Germany saw dozens shut down, South Korea has seen them consolidated and force levels reduced a lot, there are no bases in Iraq… I don’t doubt there are some nuts in DC who would love to forcefully depose Chavez, but luckily Chavez is too much of a coward to give them a justification.

      1. locojhon

        A factual point?
        As in we previously had even more bases than I suggested above?
        Or a little bit of disinformational spin?
        As in the elimination of the bases, or merely realigning and/or reassigning them temporarily to their host nations, safekeeping them for our future use, now that we have effective control over their leaders?

        We agree there are some nuts in DC who would love to forcefully depose Chavez…again. (Remember when they (we) tried it before, and the Venezuelan people–with assistance from military patriots–resisted–and with overwhelmingly popular support—immediately reinstated him?
        And lastly about Chavez’ supposed cowardice….
        I’m sure you have facts to back up that claim….don’t you?
        How about enlightening us all with them?

        1. Steve

          locojhon, everything sapito says has been well documented, including Chavez’ cowardice when he was captured in 1992. As for the attempt to depose Chavez in 2002: Who announced to the country that Chavez had resigned? The Chief of Staff of the Army. And when Chavez came back what happened to the Chief of Staff? Stayed right where he was. Personally, now I think it was a lot of it was faked by Chavez to see who his supporters really were. But HIS GUY announced that Chavez had retired:

  2. NorskeDiv

    The fact is that Chavez talks a big game about making friends with sworn enemies of the US, but is too much of a coward to even deliver weapons to Syria. What more needs to be said? He consistently goes right up to the point that his support of thugs and dictators might actually cost him, never past it.

    As to the number of bases, having a military base somewhere has decreased that is a fact. And having them does not give the US control, otherwise it would have been Germany that supported the Iraq invasion (where the US has numerous bases) not Spain (no bases).

    The fact that you think the 2002 coup against Chavez has anything to do with the US military shows how utterly clueless you are.

  3. Dr. Faustus

    Setty–”I know there are people here in Washington, DC who dream of invading (Iraq) – Venezuela.”

    That quote could have come from any of the cabinet members within the inner circle of the PSUV. They just love any talk about an outside threat. As a matter of fact they need an outside threat, …right about f-ing now. Defend the fatherland! Grab a rifle and vote for…..
    First of all, it’s a silly idea even in the eyes of the most ardent conservative. Second, the Chavistas have made every effort to keep up the appearance that their revolution is a democratic one. Er, they may have gone too far. They could actually lose this thing in about 5 weeks. The extensive blogging by Toro on the transparency of the actual voting procedure taking place in 5 weeks leads me to believe that the Venezuelans will determine their own government. This is a very good thing. No need to invade.

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