Lithium knowledge and a cleaner house — what a combo

Yes, you too can become knowledgable about the world lithium industry in just 13 minutes, and your house will end up cleaner as a result. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Put computer speaker near kitchen.
2. Click this link. (MP3)
3. Click play.
4. Wash dishes.

It will be painful listening for those Bolivian, Chilean and Argentine listeners who want to think that lithium is the Next Big Thing™ that promises to make the Atacama into the next Saudi Arabia. And for people who want to speculate on lithium explorer stocks. For the rest of us, it’s a fascinating tale of a quick-to-deflate bubble and the future of the market for this mineral that is, indeed, quite plentiful in the arid part of South America.

PS: I usually try to focus on energy sources, rather than mining. Lithium is an energy source. What, are you raising your hand and waving it around to correct me and say lithium is just an energy storage medium? In that case you haven’t seen this.

PPS: If you don’t have any dishes to wash, maybe put it on your walkman or whatever the kids are calling them these days, and go for a run.

1 thought on “Lithium knowledge and a cleaner house — what a combo

  1. westslope

    Mercenary radio, eh?

    I loved: “It is not bad to be busy during slow times.” The junior mining sector is in a severe depression.

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