Arevenca chief stopped while trying to leave Aruba, BoletinExtra says

Francisco Javier González is president of fake oil company Arevenca and owner of failed airline Fly Aruba. Yesterday, González was stopped at the Queen Beatrix Airport in Aruba as he tried to go through customs to get on a general aviation plane, BoletinExtra reports.

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I am aware of at least three people who claim to have lost more than $100,000 to Arevenca, with a total loss of about $20 million. But as long as Arevenca took money from the rich, González was able to go from country to country without too much trouble. Most victims never come forward, for fear of being labeled as suckers. But when he recruited workers away from stable jobs and then failed to pay them — apparently, that is the kind of thing that gets you in trouble.

3 thoughts on “Arevenca chief stopped while trying to leave Aruba, BoletinExtra says

  1. Yucuri

    Acording to the report, he could face legal action and is not allowed to leave the island for the time being. Is the Arevenca-train reaching it’s final destination ?

  2. Yucuri

    Digging into the local news stories some more…apparently some of the people seen around F.J.G. are bodyguards (off-duty police moonlighting, which is another discussion…). Seems like the tax department managed to stop his exit after being alerted by an ex-FlyAruba-employee shadowing F.J.G. Still, somebody must be bank-rolling F.J.G.’s stay in Aruba, as well as being able to arrange for a private aircraft with which he wanted to leave (to where I haven’t been able to find out yet, but I will…).

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