Arevenca: Scam continues to unravel

According to our trusty correspondents, a labour case against fake oil company Arevenca began on Friday. The court may seize the company’s furniture and such within a couple months to help pay debts to workers at Fly Aruba, a fake airline that Arevenca started (for reasons that I’m sure will someday become clear — NOT). The workers sued for back wages after not being fully paid for two months, which is apparently a violation of some law or another in Aruba.

Now this, from today’s 24ora:

Pa incumplimento di pago avion di Fly Aruba ta bai bek

Which is to say, Fly Aruba’s one jet is being repossessed for non-payment. The registered owner, according to the FAA database, is “Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee.” So Wells, or their client, is doing an international repo.

Up next, I hear another Arevenca victim is in the wings waiting to sue, but then, I’ve been hearing that since February. So we’ll see.