Support Tom Tomorrow

On the rare occasions that I say something funny, I am usually plagiarizing Tom Tomorrow, author of the comic strip This Modern World. He is one of the sharpest minds in political commentary, always grabbing just the right analogy and turning it into something that makes me laugh aloud. (That’s quite different from LOL, which apparently stands for “acknowledge that something is intended as a joke without tiring out my precious facial muscles with the most minimal reaction”).

Mr Tomorrow is raising money these days with a clever new initiative, Sparky’s List. Please go read his comics, read his pitch, and give him all your money. Actually it’s not “all your money” at all, it’s an incredibly cheap and easy way for readers like us to support quality work. Why, I may imitate his system one of these days…

Here’s an example of his sharp observations — a strip written in the 1990s that could have been written in the 1910s or the 2010s. We love timeless messages, especially when they are really frickin funny.

2 thoughts on “Support Tom Tomorrow

  1. phardt

    The “clever new initiative” you describe did not come from the mind of Tom Tomorrow at all, but from that of his arch-rival and nemesis, Ruben Bolling. I believe Tom even grudgingly admits himself, in the pitch you linked, that he’s borrowing the idea from Tom the Dancing Bug’s “Inner Hive.” By staunchly refusing to acknowledge that, and choosing instead to credit the wrong Tom (“I may imitate HIS system”), you have delivered a grievous insult not just to Ruben, but to all of us dedicated and slightly fanatical Bollingians as well. When will you elitist Tomorrowite 1-percenters ever learn that this is OUR world too?

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