Arevenca’s big day in Aruba

A trusty correspondent in Aruba writes that Arevenca, the fake oil company, will go to trial today in the island nation over unpaid wages to workers at its Fly Aruba subsidiary.

Workers will request that the state seize Arevenca assets and auction them to pay workers at the airline, which has yet to receive an operating license, writes reader JS. He said the workers were called in last night at 5:30 pm to get their pay and call off the suit. But, he says, the daughter of the owner gave them a pay slip for less money than they were supposed to receive. They got mad and left.

As far as I know, Arevenca has never been successfully served with a lawsuit. So this should be interesting.

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  1. Joe Black

    From Dutch language newspaper Amigoe (translated by Google):

    Request bankruptcy Fly Aruba postponed

    Monday, May 28, 2012 10:06

    ORANGE CITY – The processing of the application for bankruptcy of airline Fly Aruba was postponed until July 5. A group of about 30 employees, the company plans to declare bankruptcy because she says she has no more than two months salary received. Last Friday, were the opposing parties in the courtroom.

    Duijn Edwin Field, lawyer for the injured workers, claims that his clients have received no salary for months. Fly Aruba, represented by David Kock, says that anyone with a contract of society, is paid. Those who have received no compensation, according to the airline not employed but have called a training contract. “They get a fee only when they are training. And that training is for various reasons stopped for a while now, “said Kock from Daily Herald this morning.

    It concerns in particular for training pilots and flight attendants must follow Department of Aviation to get permission to fly. The workers, however, felt that she was employed and just had to be paid. Based on the argument of Aruba Fly on the training fee, Duijn Field decided to ask the judge handling the bankruptcy request to postpone. He wants to first get clear or employees of an employment or a training contract. Since this is not at the request of a bankruptcy can be figured out, this would Duijn Field in a lawsuit by the court to find out. When asked Kock lawyer says his client in their own words not in payment difficulties. They expect that the request by the bankruptcy court will be dismissed.

    It is about a year ago with great fanfare that the new airline Fly Aruba was announced in the media. In anticipation of the permit to fly Department of Aviation was already recruited staff through full page advertisements. The company strove to permit this last year around and started to fly with. But this is not successful and the company flies as yet.

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