Venezuela-Iran oil (and terror) ties as vaporware

Here’s Tom O’Donnell’s latest in MEES. He first goes into a very detailed analysis of each Iranian energy project in Venezuela. He shows that it’s mostly vaporware, or as we say in the former British Empire, vapourware. And then he looks at whether his findings have any bearing on the whole Iran-Venezuela TERROR-BE-SCARED line that continues to filter out of the US. I quote much here but do go click:

… unsubstantiated assumptions about the nature, scope and success of Iranian-Venezuelan joint ventures abound. According to these observers, Venezuela’s Bolivarian oil policy has facilitated Iran to create a significant Latin American “terror network,” often making claims about Hezbollah in this respect, or that Iranian Revolutionary Guards are providing training for the Colombia’s FARC guerrillas in Western Venezuela and “asymmetric warfare” training for the Venezuelan military. Others claim that Iran has been extracting uranium ore in Venezuela including in the guise of making cement, engaging in extensive money laundering, flying large quantities of contraband to Tehran on a (formerly) regular flight from Caracas, and, generally, preparing to counter any U.S. and/or Israeli attack on Iran by creating havoc in Latin America, perhaps even cutting off oil shipments to the U.S.

It is very difficult to prove or disprove such assertions, and there may be validity to some. However, great skepticism should pertain when on-the-ground evidence shows that, on the oil-and-gas front, which is the supposed forté of Venezuela and the central focus of President Chávez’ signature Bolivarian diplomacy, there has been a woeful and chronic inability by PDVSA to fulfill agreements with Petropars, the Iranian flag-bearer there.

Mmm, tasty morsel. Now go read the whole story.

PS: A special note to owners of websites that prefer to repost entire articles. This is how you cite something you like. Feel free to use this post as a model.