Arevenca geekout: Local comments translated

Arevenca, the parent company of the startup airline Fly Aruba, has gotten a lot of criticism in the local Papiamentu language in Aruba. For the benefit of us not versed in this amazing language, reader JS has graciously translated some of the comments from this local news item at

Just to be clear, reposting these comments doesn’t mean I agree with them. I especially dislike the anti-Venezuelan racism you see in some of them. But given that this website seems to be the only place on the web that potential oil scam victims can see how the game works, I figured it doesn’t hurt to give a bit of commentary from victims and their neighbors.

We could have anticipated this problem and look who is in the game, Glenbert Croes. He suported this. Couldn’t they use their head? How can you lease an big plane without fixing your licence to fly. You will lose a lot of money if you have to parked it at an airport, not to mention the employees you have to pay. This company will not survive. This is their own fault. Which Arubian will fly with them now that they encounter financial problem before they start to operate? You will go on vacation without knowing how you will come back. Everybody remembers Air Holland.
If you try to find out who is the owner of Fly Aruba .. the only thing you find is fraud. This look like a big scam. Too bad for all the people that trusted this.
Once again venezuelans. If the lie to u once again its because you want them to lie to you.
It’s a pity for those who have bills to pay every month that they don’t have a way to do this now. Other places will charge you interest for late payment. You guys should have looked for info on internet. Not everything that shines is gold. Now his financial status is very doubtful. Those close to him get their money. It’s the others that don’t get their payment, that is the point. Make your conclusions, you guys are in dreamland. You still have the chance to get out before you sink and cant get out anymore.
Bank waits 3 month and than they act. Water and electricity is 2 months than they act. For the government, if another airline would like to establish let them deposit at a bank with a lawyer and financial manager the money for salaries. If for instance it takes 18 months to get a flying licence they should have money 18 months for salaries. The bank should have 18 months deposit for salaries in order that the employees will not be the ones that have to suffer. I get pissed if I have to lose everything I worked hard for. I hate people that make a fool of others. That’s my personal opinion.
Maybe Petro China can buy the plane and use it as housing unit for the Chinese that will come to Aruba? Or they can sell it as parts for my car. I would like to have one of those motors for my car so it goes like a jet on Sasaki Road. What do you guys think? Any comments is welcome.
That’s right ArubaQueVadis. Venezuelan=swindler, fraud. Sorry for Gembi [Glenbert Croes] you fail again. Your intentions were good, but learn to look for partners that you can trust.
Google Arevenca and you will find out that this Mr Spanish is owner of 72 oil tankers … and has no money to pay some employees on Aruba… smells fishy.
Why should the government protect pilot and cabin crew? If these people without brains want to work for a fraudulent company! Check the website of Arevenca and you will see they have refinery in Aruba. You must be an idiot to believe in these people! Bottom line, they deserve to be scre…wed. They provided legitimacy to this charlatan, while they should known better. They live on this island and they know there is only one refinery!
This will get a long tail lookup info on BBA bank .. who is the owner and what connections does he have with Fly Aruba. Aruba is becoming one scammy island. God save us on this island. Aruba is becoming a springboard for corrupt Venezuelans to scam other places and it gives the Arubans a bad name. Please inform yourself, don’t be blind. Who is the owner of the building where BBA bank is located at? Hahaha it feels good when you know the truth
Sorry the man is Spanish not Venezuelan. He has a Venezuelan Passport but he is not Venezuelan. He obtained that nationality.


3 thoughts on “Arevenca geekout: Local comments translated

  1. moctavio

    Some of the ant-Venezuelan feeling has historical justification, as Aruba has seen many Venezuelan “businessmen” come to the island to make a quick buck. There have been hotels, time shares and others, which have left a bad taste in Aruba. In fact, Aruba benefited from Venezuela’s devaluation starting in 1982, because it had to seek diversification for its tourism away from Venezuela.

  2. Kepler

    Well, boy…perhaps I am also biased if I say so, but I haven’t seen so much bias from one single tiny region as from the ABC islands: Curacao people talking down about Venezuelans, people from Bonaire and Aruba, Aruba people talking badly about all the others, same thing for people from Bonaire…if they knew what people in the Netherlands say about them all :-)

  3. yucuri

    Arevenca and FlyAruba in the news again…the employees who are missing 2 month’s pay are now threatening with lawyers. The end of the scam on Aruba ?

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