Arevenca failure to pay: Reposting with full translation

Early yesterday, I posted a link to this story, which while understandable by the target audience of Papiamentu-speakers in Aruba, was largely opaque to me. Thanks to the incredible generosity of reader JS, who took the time to translate the story, I can now give it to you in English. So, here you go.

Fly aruba has not paid its employees for 2 months.

It’s not one but two months that employees of Fly Aruba have not gotten their payment. This company aims to become a local company and has a big airplane parked at the south side of the airport. Some people find that this aircraft is taking away parking space for other aircraft.

It seems at this moment that the company has a total of 100 or more employees in training. This includes pilots, flight attendants and people with other jobs. There are about 40 flight attendants among the employees. The owners have been telling them stories for 2 months already. At the end of March, they didn’t receive their payment, and now at the end of April they are still pending. There is always an excuse that money is on its way or that the deposit is being finalized. But in the meantime, two months have passed. This is the same group of Arevenca and according to a source, Arevenca employees haven’t been paid either. It’s been said that some powerful people were behind this airline which is now in a bad light because the employees have not been paid. Since the beginning many have asked how an airline can bring in an aircraft and park it in Aruba without having a flying permit. Besides, they are far from ready with the paperwork in order to get a flying permit.

The months-long string of stories about money being on the way, etc — that sounds an awful lot like the line of bull that Skanga Energy claims to have gotten from Arevenca after possibly getting tricked into buying some nonexistent fuel. More coincidences.