Bolivia: More energy nationalization

I’m back from the beach; all I know is what I read in the paper. Evo Morales says Bolivia will take over TDE, the biggest grid company in Bolivia. Let the pros at Reuters tell the story:

LA PAZ, May 1 (Reuters) – Bolivia is nationalizing the local unit of Spain’s Red Electrica, President Evo Morales said on Tuesday … a power transmission company that administers 1,900 kilometers of power lines in Bolivia … Morales said the expropriation of Cochabamba-based TDE stems from the company’s lack of investment in Bolivia, an accusation similar to the argument used by Argentina to justify its takeover of YPF…

Oddly, that’s about all it says in the Reuters story. No mention of grid reliability in Bolivia compared to other nearby countries, nor whether this presages a wider takeover of the electricity industry, including generation or household service. I’m glad the Maypole’s already bedizened, ’cause it’s time for me to take me a read of this here 47 MB Electricity Annual. Later!

Also, as he often does, Otto beat me to this and has worthwhile words of geopolitical wisdom on the topic.


One thought on “Bolivia: More energy nationalization

  1. westslope

    Arrgh! My, what big words you use. I had to look up bidizened.

    RAR archive files, eh? That’s enough to discourage…. Please share the executive summary.

    Thanks setty. Otto’s post is great too.

    P.S. Where is that complex of towers in the top page photo located? Is that an oil refinery? (I cheated and looked at the file information but couldn’t find the geographic location.)

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