Arevenca says it has no money problems, BoletinExtra reports

Yes, around here we like to give both sides of the story. Here’s the latest, thanks to reader TG, straight from BoletinExtra, translated by me.

Reaction from Fly Aruba: We invest 14 million florins and have no financial problems

Arevenca has invested more than 14 million florins (US$7.82 million) in the pre-operational phase of Fly Aruba, so as to fulfill all requirements necessary in order to offer top service, in accord with the demands of the market and following Aruba law, for which we relay on the support of the National Government in the processes we are conducting to obtain our AOC.

The president of Arevenca, Francisco Javier González, who was clear in explaining that the investor, Arevenca, has no problems of a financial nature, underlined that what has delayed the payment of bonuses authorized monthly to future employees, now in training, is a logistical issue. “It’s something normal in any company, however we are managing a quick solution, and as such we have duly informed the personnel.”

We’re a serious company, for which we follow all active laws and regulations, which is why we have gotten permission from the Aruba Central Bank for the import of US$200 million to bring about this investment. We can also say with full responsibility that from the beginning of working on this project, we haven’t failed to fulfill our obligations, either to workers that have served to support the process and with our suppliers, where even the rent on facilities is paid a year in advance.

As a business, we value not only the importance of the financial resources and materials but also dedicate special attention to human resources. This we demonstrate in the investment we have made for the adequate training of those who will be part of our employee roster at Fly Aruba, through trainings, by companies known around the world, such as Lufthansa and Airbus, which has permitted the acquisition of a profession, and while in the training phase, to receive a bonus of half their salary, explained Francisco Javier González.

To finalize, González reiterated his commitment to the Aruban people to offer, as soon as possible, a modern airline to provide an optimal and reliable service to all users, with the purchase of latest-generation Airbus planes, for which it can count on the support of the company Avic Aviatiòn, through the contract signed in mid-2011 in Madrid, Spain.

To start with a small question: what does Chinese defense planemaker Avic have to do with Airbus?

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  1. sapitosetty Post author

    Sadly, I have worked for several of those. My concern is more about “serious” companies that sell the well known refinery output known as “pet cock.”

  2. qqq

    After getting to know the people that have done their utmost to fulfill their dreams and try to raise a company, it hurts to see a crook that does not pay salaries and does not pay the providers of services. He even dares to write the names of serious companies in his messages, to whom he owes several hundred thousand dollars for services already provided. Hopefully he stops showing his “baby” face and becomes real. FJG, pay what you owe your people and service providers.

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