Arevenca coincidences

Arevenca says it is investing just shy of US$8 million in Fly Aruba, its new airline, which was started with great fanfare in September 2011.

This site got an anonymous comment in November 2011. I didn’t approve it for publication because it was a bit too specific about wrongdoing by individuals, and I don’t like this site being used for anonymous defamation. The commenter said Arevenca got US$8 million three months earlier (roughly August) from a company in Puerto Rico for a shipment of an oil product that never arrived.

PS: Just before Arevenca burst back into sight with these latest Aruba issues, some guy wrote to PetroleumWorld to comment on my story from last year about Arevenca. His comment defending Skanga, a company suing Arevenca — let’s just say that its level of specificity speaks more loudly than any of its particular words or phrases.