4 thoughts on “Chile: Drug legalization creeps forward

  1. westslope

    Sure. Why not? Believing and practising Muslims, Jews and Hindus should be able to teach Christianity. They would provide perspective.

  2. JB Lenoir

    Drugs are bad…right…I’ll drink to that. But since y’all touch on religion: God made ganja, ayahuasca, ‘shrooms…while humankind created booze. Who d’ya trust more? As to whether Lesbians should be allowed to teach religion…who cares? Some of the worst scoundrels I’ve met wore the headgear of Bishops and Cardinals; hopefully now that they’ve passed to the other side they’re doing more useful things like serving as paving stones on the road to hell. Anyone who seriously is seeking some factual, well-documented historical perspective about Christianity should take a gander at “Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years,” by Diarmaid McCulloch.

    1. Kepler

      I read that book. It’s good, even if way too Anglo-centred.
      I think state and religion should be really separated and that would mean that Catholic schools should get their money from their own sources, but also that they should be allowed to hire whoever they want and sack anyone they want, as long as they do teach a common curriculum with, among other things, same books on religion, biology, etc.

      As for drugs: I am all for total liberalization but the system they have in place in the Netherlands, for instance, or even in California, is totally mental. You either legalize everything or nothing. Else, you are just making the day for drug dealers.

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