Bananas? In Chile? Mooo.

Fact: The value of Chile banana exports rose 1161% last year, to $401,604.

Keep that up for a few more years and they’ll be ahead of Ecuador.

Who, me? Getting away from truly important oil news and doing lite food coverage? Well, yes. For a while at least.

Go click that link, it’s good and depressing. I feel bad for having skipped the whole Venezuela riverine oil spill, and now at least I’ve given you a linky or two. Go read.

OH just by the way. Teach me to link to The Economist. A few notes on the oil spill that they either miss or get wrong. The Jusepin oil field used to be run by Total, but PDVSA took over and paid hundreds of millions of dollars in 2006. I guess that money might have been better spent protecting the real national sovereignty rather than the ideological one, but hey, what do I know.

And the San Juan River flows into the Gulf of Paria, not the ocean. The Gulf of Paria is much more environmentally sensitive.

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