Caracas Gringo’s Epic takedown of Venezuela-Iran fearmongering

Caracas Gringo is a very interesting blerg. I often disagree with the author, but today, he posts something that I agree with 100%. The subject matter here: Venezuela’s supposedly dangerous links with Iran. Gringo finds the same thing I have always found: that these links exist primarily in words, not in deeds. There is a lot of utter bullshit mixed in with any tidbits of real concerns that may exist.

As is Gringo’s wont, s/he adds a lot of interesting details that readers are unlikely to have heard before. Had you heard about the supposed Iranian missile base in Paraguaná? I thought it sounded like bullshit, but Gringo goes further: he sends out a crew to look around.

… an extensive search of the peninsula, with cameras and GPS devices in case they found anything out of the ordinary. These men are former Army infantry officers with combat experience during the 1990s on the border with Colombia, who left active service in 2003. They did not find anything to substantiate…

These spurious claims all come from private sources in Washington, Gringo says. Now, remember: Gringo is close to conservative US circles, and is no Sean Penn or even Marc Weisbrot. So this tidbit is especially interesting:

Real documents mixed with false documents, all originating from the same sources in Washington, DC. From where I’m sitting in Venezuela, the real threats to this country – and the US – are not Iranian at all, but this is another topic that merits a separate post.

So I reached out to my Washington friends, men I respect and admire, with a single question: “Que vaina es esta?”

Without getting too specific for now, I learned that some Venezuelans are supplying the real and false documents to certain gringos in DC. There appears to be some degree of business or political association, and/or friendship, between some of the Venezuelans who fund La Patilla and those who are supplying documents to the gringos.

OK, it’s that inevitable moment, you knew it was coming, now go. Do it. GO READ THE WHOLE THING.

7 thoughts on “Caracas Gringo’s Epic takedown of Venezuela-Iran fearmongering

  1. Kepler

    Oh, Иисус Христос! I was surprised Gringo was saying this…I have been reading so much from conservatives for these years…

    Now: can it be true that your taxes are not paying for NSA to improve its SIGIN analysis algorithms but to the guys from La Patilla?
    Or what? Or are those people indirectly moved by some people in the Middle East who are right now very very keen on provoking a war with Iran? People even Dagan warned about?,1518,796320,00.html
    ¿Quién sabe? Elohim solamente.

    1. Dr. Faustus

      Concerning the Spiegel article….

      This is the statement from Dagan which caught my eye.

      “On his last day in office, Dagan invited Israeli journalists for the first time ever to the Mossad’s headquarters, which has no official address and is not marked on any map. Then he announced that the Iranians would develop a nuclear bomb by the middle of the decade, at the earliest, but only if nothing and no one got in their way. He said it would take an additional three years before Iran developed a nuclear warhead. That would roughly put it in 2018, a date that would seem to make any attack now senseless.”

      Is it true? I hope so.

      Considering what happened to that Iranian nuclear scientist a few weeks back, the Mossad has an active, deadly campaign going-on in Iran today.

  2. Kepler

    Do you think stuff like this is all invention?
    Do you think Dagan is insane as well? Perhaps that he is anti-Semite?
    A self-hater? Ya he oido esas vainas.

    Give me a break, Setty. I don’t know if this is the case, but there has been much more insane stuff from their part that people denied for a long time, so it is worth considering.
    Have you paid attention to what Israeli conservative newspapers in English have been saying for a couple of years regarding Venezuela?

    I am saying: the US intelligence, with all its limitations, must know pretty well what these people are saying is utter rubbish. Why are these US Americans still saying it? Why aren’t these guys trusting more their US sources but some Venezuelan oppos on issues such as these?

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