Petroperu to join Ecopetrol, Petrobras with share sale

I guess this is sort of old news, but there’s a new tidbit here.

Peruvian state oil refining company Petroperu has obtained central government approval to list up to 20% of its shares on the Lima Stock Exchange, the company said in a filing with the bourse Monday….

Originally much bigger, Petroperu lost the rights to much of its assets — including oil production blocks and refineries — as part of state asset sales in the 1990s.

But in recent months, newly-named Peruvian oil officials have said that the country will begin to recover assets like oil fields when exploration contracts expire…

Interesting stuff. Also interesting to see the remaining 100% state-owned miners and oil companies in the region, such as Pemex, Codelco and PDVSA. Big range of current situations there. Ownership structure isn’t determinative, apparently. (thanks to Peru English News for the link to the Platt’s story.)